Rose Gold Curl Up Comb (New Upgraded)

RM 19.90

1st Malaysian Brand Eyelash Curler with comb in Rosegold Pink Mude Padding

The Original (OG)1st Original Brand Eyelash Curler with comb in Rose Gold Pink Mude Padding

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What you will get for only RM 19.90 :

1 x FAERY Eyelash Curler with padding

1 x Extra Padding Pad to replace every 6 Months to ensure the best outcome

1 x Cute Packaging Box (Read Behind the box for my information)

2 Way function ( Can open the comb if you don't like  to use with comb so it will be like normal curler design but better.and can put back if you want)

TIPS: - Since the gap is change every batch, for short lashes is very encourage to use the eyelash curler and remove the comb, this work very best on both Short/Long lashes.

- Use with our Faery Mood Length Mascara to hold the curl and last longer (More than 4 Hour tested)  

- Use before Mascara, any brand curler need to use before mascara, since Mascara is sometime have sticky formula it will stuck on the curler if you haven't clean properly, Use Faery Mascara for fast drying formula.

- Do not use any oil/serum it will not effective as your lashes is wet. Use on Dry Lashes.Our Curler is design and Customised every batch to improve the quality.

Every feedback is very important for our brand, the size and gap is custom and it will not be same every batch. We heard you, last time the opening is too small and cannot fit bigger eyes. Now we already custom it to be more bigger, more spaces.

Note:Our Eyelash Curler doesn't use Spring form, so if you usually use Spring form it will take sometime to get use to it and NO its not broken. Its feel loose because you have to apply your own pressure where you can control your own pressure. The reason why we don't use spring is for safety reason and can be found at the back of the box.

Eyelash Curler Tool cannot made your lashes stay up long without any material that can hold it curl, its like hair you need to set to make it last longer. So pair it with your mascara, we recommend to use Faery Mascara for best result.We also don't sell the Padding pad separately as we already provide EXTRA Padding. Also, to encourage user to purchase new one after every years, since beauty tool like eyelash curler lifespan is 1 Years.

Tutorial on how to use eyelash curler can be found online, just search "how to use eyelash curler the right way", if it hurts you are using it wrong.Curl Up Comb latest edition

- Rose gold with a pink mauve/mude curler pad and comb, different from other (The OG)

High Material Carbon Steel with Electroplating process (the best coating) and Silicone Custom Pad.

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